About Aakash Mehta ๐Ÿ‘‹

Every time you reach a summit, it becomes base camp for the next adventure
Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

I am constantly surprised by how little I knew whenever I look back at my younger self just a couple of years in the past.

In 2016, after I got into Harvard Business School, I realized that what I had been thinking of as the summit was actually base camp. As Simon Sinek says, every infinite game is made up of multiple finite games; and I had just exceeded my wildest dreams by getting admitted to HBS.

Now, what more could I do that I hadn't thought possible? I began to read voraciously, a book a week. I began to explore topics and areas that I didn't even know existed, from criminal psychology to autonomous military drone missiles. The world opened up for me. I have recently been channeling my learnings and experiences into building content through my YouTube channel, articles, and now this blog.

Follow my journey to constantly explore and level up my skills and career.