You landed your new PM role! Now what?!?
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You landed your new PM role! Now what?!?

You landed your new PM role! Now what?!?

So after reading a bunch of content, following the advise of great PMs, and kicking ass at the interview, you've been given the opportunity to prove yourself and build your skills as a product manager.. ๐Ÿ‘ congratulations!

But what do you do now?

That feeling once you get over the initial excitement and have to deal with the imposter syndrome

Before you join:

  1. Buy the company's products if you can - and take notes of pain points and questions as a customer. This will give you a starting point for digging into things once in the team. Also, most folks working on the product have become biased towards the product, so a fresh perspective is of great value for them.
  2. If you can't buy the products because they're B2B or not accessible - try speaking with anyone in your circle who may be a customer. It's never too early to start some customer discovery and understand the pain points that are trying to solve with this product.
During my first PM role at Reliance Jio, I was put in charge of the fiber product's end to end experience from installation to service.
To understand the pain points and areas of improvement, I accompanied technicians on their installation jobs, seeing the difficulties of dealing with fiberoptic cables and patchy internet service for activating the device.
This helped me immensely when I was designing the process myself to ensure that backup processes were accounted for.

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