The True Value of Travel
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The True Value of Travel

The True Value of Travel
Photo by Anders Jildรฉn / Unsplash

I just spent the last two weeks traveling around Italy.

And while roaming around history of a few millenia, eating pasta, and feasting on pistachio gelato, I wondered how these experiences were adding value to my life. What would I remember from the stories behind the Colosseum? What would I imbibe from a very different culture to my own?

And the answer is all about perspective.

Immersive experiences are the richest

I had read all about the renescance in Florence and the conquests of Julias Caeasr in high school history.

However, being physically present at some of these sites and experiencing the views for myself made things so much more real. Things were now understood through all my senses and hence much more insightful. The bright sun bearing down, the clean air, the smell of stone and marble, the taste of tomatoes and cheese, the richness of the wine.

Such immersive experiences are much stronger than just reading a history textbook.

Breaking routine helps rejuvinate the mind

It's easy to get into a routine with work, exercise, food, socializing, and day-to-day life.

This leads to a build-up of open loops in our mind, a to-do list; "tech debt" in engineering language.

Travel breaks that up. Freeing the mind from shallow open loops to broader big-picture thinking.

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